Friday, June 30, 2006

Fork in the Road

In an unexpected twist in my life, I find myself looking into the possibility of moving to Santa Cruz in a month or two. 24 hours ago the idea would have seemed absurd. I mean, I work and go to school here in San Jose. My family lives here. What would be the sense in moving "over the hill"? Well, I received a notice on my door when I came home from work yesterday afternoon. My rent is going up about $80 more. Not a whole lot, however, when I moved into my place last year I had no intention of staying. It was kind of a default decision at the time. I was relieved to find out this morning that I will on a month to month term on my lease, so I need no immediate action and can give this some serious thought.

I am going for drinks at Alison's tonight with some of the surf crew. I may go out for a paddle if there is any sort of waves, but the good stuff was this morning. Tomorrow morning for sure. I have a beer-bonding date with my friend Patty tomorrow night, so I can not stay in SC for the weekend. Plus I think on Sunday I am going start going through my stuff and get rid of things I am not using and start packing away items for when I do inevitably move.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Crazy Weekend Gone By

Work had been pretty insane last week. Some idiot thought it would be a great idea to put his hot cigarette ashes out on some bone dry cardboard and pallets. The result was, of course, a fire that had severed one of my center's phones lines (including the T1 that we need so badly for interenet access and to ring sales). So i was on the phone all day coordinating the phone company and property managers and other things.

Thank goodness for the weekend! Saturday morning I got up at 4:30am to get ready to depart for Santa Cruz for the weekend. I got into the water at around 5:15ish, still dark, and my crew was already out there. It was pretty fun! I must say though, we (the crew and I), have been so spoiled by going so early on the weekdays. We have been so used to having waves to ourselves and dealing with the weekend crowds has been a challenge. Anyway, we all got out and headed to Meg's to hang out in the hot tub...which was nice since it was getting cold (it was in the 90's in San Jose, but in Santa Cruz it was in the low 60's). After that we took a bike ride to Westcliff and checked out Steamer Lane and went by Jen's house to see if she was there. She had already headed for the Wharf becuase they were displaying old Wood Cars (Woodies)and it's usually pretty freaking cool! It was cool seeing all those old cars and surfboards! (I took this pic back in 2004)

Later on that day, I took a solo bike ride up WestCliff to check out the surf again to see if we might want to go out again. It was crowded and very small so I just toured around. I had just bought my cheap awesome bike the night before so I was stoked! As I was heading back to Meg's, Hannah caught me cruisin' down the street as she got out of the surf. I hadn't seen her since Cinco de Mayo! It was nice getting caught up and she commented on how cute my bike was. Everyone was in awe of my $79 bike. It had already paid itself off for all the fun and great comments I got from it!

Anyway, I spend the night in Santa Cruz and we got up late to surf, but what a fun session we had! The waves we decent with a good chest high set coming in every so often. It was a great session!

Definitely a great weekend with great people!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Taking A Moment

I'm not sure why I haven't been posting. It has been pretty busy and lots has been happening in my life... lots of people coming in and out of my life. I guess it's been a pretty transitional period for me. Still in school, my final is in a couple weeks and it's been tough seeing everyone else finish up while you still have to go to class. It really doesn't matter much anyway, I have a photography class for the summer, I am taking by suggestion from my therapist. She felt all my activities were on the physical side and I needed a more mental and creative outlet, thus the Photo Expression course.

I have been surfing quite avidly (2-4 times a week) and I think I've gone up a level. It's been great having the Cowells Crew around with all the support and fun in the water.

I am still alive, and I will make my rounds to my favorite blogs. Hopefully things will settle and I will quiet my mind to sit down and us my blog as I had first intended... my log of events going in my life at the time it's happening. Perhaps I will look back at this as a lull in life, between the beautiful sets of events that will eventually occur and give you a few bitchin' rides (yes...a surfing metaphor).