Saturday, May 13, 2006

Surf & Ghost Towns

This morning I had a really great surf session! It was a nice low tide, glassy, small, but great shaped waves going left. I attempted a few nose walks, but need to practice. It was all about me and the surf today.

I came home at about 10am and later in the afternoon, Ami called me and asked if I wanted to go on an adventure with her and her boyfriend Ken. We headed down to Alviso, which was a port town long ago before they built levees to keep the bay water out. Ken had heard about this ghost town, called Draw Bridge, where during the prohibition it was a gathering place for drunks and whores (because of it's remote location). Well, it was built on marsh land and so it hand been abandoned after booze was legal again. So getting there was quite a trek. We had to walk along the train tracks to get there, and we did encounter two trains going and coming, but there was enough space on the side for us to retreat to. What an interesting setting we had with the San Francisco Bay to the west and Fremont/Hayward to the east. Here are some pics from that little escapade:

Some cracks in the sand I thought were cool lookin'

An eastern view of Drawbridge. I am sure MC Hammer's old mansion was along those eastbay hills somewhere, before he went backrupt

I love the arched style of this old house!

We lovingly nicknamed this part of Drawbridge the "Sex Shacks", figuring that these were the brothels.

It was so well worth the 7 mile hike to and fro, and having to walk along the train tracks, which I am sure was illegal. Keep in mind that all the structures are in marshy, brackish water. Interesting that at one point this was a small town.


bee said...

Alviso itself is such an interesting town. I haven't ventured to explore Drawbridge, but it sounds like a cool place!

Smurf said...

That is awesome! I love the pictures and it sounds like quite an adventure!

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."
~*~Helen Keller~*~

You seem to live by this! ;) That's awesome!

Miz BoheMia said...

Wow! I didn't know of that town! How far is it from SF?

I love the pics and am glad to hear you guys had a great time! Boho kisses to my fave surfer chica!

shayna said...

I love pics like this... so glad you had a good time...

Leigh said...

Bee- I agree, Alviso has some fascinating history!

Smurf- I love James Dean's quote "Dream as if you live forever, live as if you'll die today" - I try to live life to fullest, so should everyone else!

Miz B- It at the very south shores of the bay, probably about 45 minutes outside of SF. Kisses back at ya!

Shayna - Thanks! We had a blast!

Cowgirl said...

Loved the pictures. Wish I could just walk to the beach.

You are one cool chica.

Leigh said...

Cowgirl - Yes I feel very lucky the coast is only 35 minutes away. You are also one cool chica!

weirsdo said...

Neat info. By a strange coincidence, I also visited a Prohibition era illicit hotspot this weekend. For a few weeks (until the cops shut them down) the DeSoto Caverns housed a still and bar called "The Bloody Bucket." Unfortunately the patrons liked to shoot the tips off the stalactites.

cooper said...

great pictures and it sounds like a good weekend with lots of physical stuff going on. I need one of those soon.

Love visiting places that carry a history and have some remnants of it.

Leigh said...

Weirsdo -Hmmm... we musthave been on the same wave length. I saw the pic of Mall Diva and Toyplayer in front of a cavern-like setting. Looks like you all had fun!

Coop- It was a very physically amped weekend! It was great though being in the ocean and then in the marshes of the SF Bay. When you come for a visit we'll plan a day like that ;) I am amazed those structures are still there after 60 years or so in such an ever changing environment.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Hey Leigh!

I always wanted to get up to Drawbridge but never made it when I lived in California. I miss tracking down the ol' ghost towns of the west.

If you're ever down near PAso Robles, check out the old Adelaide's believed to be haunted!