Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Dawn Patrol

My life has been all about surfing the last couple of weeks, as should be. I sold a few surfboards, bought a fairly new one (below).

I took her for a spin Saturday morning, only to be shoo'd out of the water after about an hour because a surf contest that was about to take place. I did manage to absolutely fall in love with my new board in that small about of time.

After changing, I went over to the cliff to catch some of the contest. The Crew was there and had coffee, kaluha, strawberries, and brownies. We sat and watched the competition (it was a kids event). Those kids were awesome noseriders! There was a tandem event where it's almost like pairs figure skating, where the guy lifts the girl over his head in different poses while riding a wave. (look in the right corner...You can sort see the tadem action)

Later, The Crew and I headed over around West Cliff to Steamer Lane for the Longboard Union Invitational, where the adults were competing. Again, some awesome surfing going on!

All of this stuff occurred before 10am (yes - the kaluha and coffee was before 9am, gotta start early).

Today was less naughty, but just as fun. I took Emily out for her first sesh and she was a complete rockstar! She caught about 3-4 waves herself, and stood up naturally. Little does she know her life has now changed :) hehehe

Hope you all are having a great weekend and enjoying friends and family!


cooper said...

Sounds awesome leigh. You just keep enjoying them waves for me..........while you thinkof me slaving away here...........over a holiday weekend...............................


The ZenFo Pro said...

That sounds so awesome! Hope your weekend is still all about the surf, girl :)

Leigh said...

Coop - thanks girl! I will enjoy! Hmmmm...slavin' away huh? :)

Jason - Me too! It's been nice getting back into a Spring/Summer pattern!

bee said...

Looks awesome! Nice pics, too!

I have a 6'2" Pearson Arrow squashtail that I've never used (I bought it used several years back) -- know anyone interested in buying?

Leigh said...

Thanks Bee! It was awesome. Hmmmm- I hang around a bunch of longboarders, but I'll ask around :)

Miz BoheMia said...

What the...? I could have sworn I left a comment here before! Either there is someone out to get me or I am losing my mind! Mon Dieu!

The pictures are beautiful and your adventures are beyond lovely! I wanna come play in the water too! Although, hmmm.... on second thought, the idea of everyone laughing at my clutziness is not an attractive one.

Can I just wear my Roxy bikini and sit and watch as I work on my tan? THAT I can do! ;-)

Keep enjoying yourself, surf away and may the weather stay fab!

Leigh said...

Miz B! Yes! There is a demand for sexy boho's to hang out on the beach in sexy bikini's!

I went for a session before work this morning and it was fabulous! The weather has been kind and so have the surf conditions. I am thankful every day that I can do what I love in such a beautiful setting.

shayna said...

Beautiful pics and it "sounds" like you had an awesome time!

Jealous... :)

Miz BoheMia said...

*blushetty blush* Leigh called me sexy!

Good golly gosh! (hmph... why is the nerd in me popping out! ;-P )

Just wanted to say hola and surf away chica!

weirsdo said...

The new board looks quite spiffy. Cheers.