Sunday, April 23, 2006

At Last

What an absolutely great weekend! I finally got some surfing in! I went both Saturday and Sunday and am now very sore. On Saturday I met up with Alison in the morning and we got into the water about 10am. My plan was to be able to surf until Hannah arrived around 11:30am, however, being that it had been a few weeks, and before that, month, that I had surfed, I pooped out pretty quickly. A great time was had by us both though. Alison had seen me take my first ride and later told me I was smiling the whole time. Damn that was a great left! We got out around 11:30am and walked by the lot to see if Hannah had arrived. "You're just getting out?" Hannah said with a disappointed tone. That's all it took for me to get back into the water with her and surf a few more waves. I'm such a sucker! Anyway, I was beat and didn't think I could paddle back out for another, so Hannah and I made plans to surf the next day. I went back to Alison's house as she was giving herself a pedicure. I got changed and we went to the Pink Godzilla for some sushi and sake. We later caught the last of the Big Stick Log Jam, which was a surf contest that involved old longboards and no leashes, lots of hanging 5 and 10 going on. What a great day!

So today, it was looking pretty flat. Hannah and I decided, if anything, we would go for a paddle to stretch out our aching surfing muscles. Well, there were some fun sets that rolled through and we did catch a few waves here and there. We had lots of conversation in between and it was so reminiscent of those wonderful fall luna run sessions. We ended our session with a paddle around one of the buoys, as we had intended to do in the first place. I think we reached rockstar status this weekend.

Just wonderful to be surfing and to be with my lovely friends again.

The above image I took of the logs and the jam (the guy hangin'5 in the background).


bee said...

Love love LOVE that pic!
Glad you had a great weekend!

weirsdo said...

Fun times. What is a leash?

Leigh said...

Thanks Bee! I had a couple more good ones, but didn't have time to edit them. Maybe in another post.

Weirsdo- For sure! Most surfers are attached to their boards by a cord, so that they are not having to swim for their boards if they fall off. Then you have the guys who are hardcore and hardly ever fall and believe that swimming for your board is a more pure and traditional approach to longboarding.

Miz BoheMia said...

YAY! Surfer girl in her natural habitat! A sight to behold I bet! I am so glad you made it out there and here's to much more of that! Be glad you don't live in SF 'cause the weather never looks up there but now, with the impending arrival of summer you are in for some good times!

Hmphf... I was hopin' for some pics of you!

Although I do love the pic you put up! Precioso my dear!

weirsdo said...


shayna said...

You pooped out? What's up?

You a sucker? What's up?

Sounds like you and your lovely friends had a great time :)

Leigh said...

Miz B- Looks like it'll be a sunny week ahead and I am planning on being in the water as much as possible! It's so difficult to get surfing pics, but i will try to get some soon of me and my surfer buds.

Weirsdo - No prob :)

Shayna - I did and I am! hehehe Thanks... it was just fab!

Smurf said...

What a beautiful picture of the ocean! It does sound like a great weekend. I wonder if you could talk a massage therapist into giving you a sports massage for your muscles. Or to get a cheap sports massage if you go to a beauty college you can often get one for like $20 for an hour massage cuz the students have to get so many hours in to get their licenses. My little brother is a licensed massage therapist here and your muscles hurting made me think of.. at least something for you and your buds to think about. (But seriously if you can get a massage therapist that is wanting new clients to come out to a competition ... maybe they would be willing to give some cheap samples or something.... that might be another angle to look into if you are interested.) You would be surprised what that will do for your muscles and health! ;)

Leigh said...

Thanks Smurf. My friend Hannah, who I was surfing with on Sunday, was getting a massage later that evening, so I should ask her how it went. I think the main reason our muscles were aching was because we hadn't surfed in 3 weeks! It's a lot of paddling! :)

cooper said...

Great picture.

Always nice to get out and sruf. A muscle massage is always nice as well.