Friday, March 03, 2006

Long Week

Why does time seem to drag on at work after a vacation? I am so happy it's Friday and can't wait to sleep in tomorrow morning. Not a whole of things going on, just a lot of school work to do. I have an exam in Math next week, and one in Art History the following. It's going to be pretty nonstop. Gosh I haven't gone surfing in almost 3 weeks, maybe even a month! The weather is nasty here right now, rain and wind, chopping up the surf conditions and contaminating the water. Besides... I managed to crack the bone in that pinky toe. The doc recommend I take it easy for another week or two. I'm not one to just sit around and heal. Earlier this week I discovered I am able to put a inline skate boot on without a whole of pain, so I have been skating. I don't think I can quite surf though, popping up on the wave puts a lot of pressure on the foot. Doesn't matter anyway, the weather is my enemy at the moment.

Well here's to the weeks end!


cooper said...

I see you guys have prety crappy weather.
so I have been skating.???????????

A doctor's nightmare for sure you are.

I just got in and am taking a brief blog through and going to take a nap basically study and nap all weekend. Eat too of course but other than that this weekend is hermit time.

Hope you heal fast. Not so sure inline skating will help but then again... why not.

bee said...

Happy weekend!

weirsdo said...

My response would be hot tea, not inline skating, but to each her own.
Good luck on your tests.

Miz BoheMia said...

I am not one to tell you to take it easy because I could be half dead and all I would have on my mind is to make it unto my yoga mat!

So be careful and try to make the necesary adjustments to not aggravate the toe so that you can heal! I am sure there is always a way around most things!

Have a good weekend chica! We missed you!

shayna said...

Listen to the doc...

Hope you get to feeling better and the weather becomes on your side...