Saturday, January 28, 2006

What I Found at the Beach

I have somewhat of a date tomorrow evening. Let me rewind back to Thursday. After a week of classes, I seriously needed to get in some surfing. So after work Thursday, I drove over to Santa Cruz and got in the water. It was freakin' cold!! As I was sitting on my board in the water, I looked onshore and saw a pretty girl walking along the newly formed sandbar. It was hard to get a look from such a far distance, so I took some waves in and walked back up the sandbar to the lineup and to get a better view. This was a pretty girl! So I went back into the water and played around for a little bit, just kind of putting her out of my mind and resuming my session. I was getting cold, so I knew it was time to get out and get dressed, but not before having the pluckish urge to play in the mote of still, warm, water by the stairs! It was long and deep enough for me to sail around on my surfboard... that was too much fun! Anyway, I finally got to the top of the stairs and saw that girl again! She was leaning on a rock watching the surfers below. I decided I was going to go talk to her. I put my board down and was also gazing at my fellow surfers, thinking of an opening line or something witty to say. So, I turned to her, smiled and said "Didn't get into the water today?" She smiled back and replied that she didn't surf and that it looked cold (it was). We started talking and I found out she had just got into town the night before from Kansas. She was just touring around Westcliff and checking everything out. I said "So you don't know anyone?" and she nodded, and answered "No one.", so I put my hand out "My name is Leigh. You know one person now." We talked more and exchanged phone #'s. Yesterday I had invited her to breakfast with Alison and I, which she intitially accepted. But she called me earlier this evening to tell me that she was scheduled to work earlier than she originally thought. This girl found a job in one day - impressive! A woman of action. Anyway, I mentioned I was most likely going to be surfing tomorrow evening about the time she is off of work, so I asked her she wanted to go get some dinner, and she was all for that. I can't wait to get to know her more... she's very talkative and interesting! I'll keep you all posted!

PS- I decided on a wetsuit (pictured below, same color and all). I actually already bought it, but had to exchange it for a size bigger cuz the ladies were a little restrained ;) and it was tight around the neck. Sorry... it's not me modeling.


weirsdo said...

Good luck.
Did you get the top of the line?

Miz BoheMia said...

And why is it not you modeling I ask? Oh yeah! Why am I upset? I get a private viewing! I guess I will await it via eMail! He, he, he!!!

Shawna, now the new lady! You go girl! Very grrr.... an alpha female you are! Very grrrr...

So dish! How'd it go? Bohemian minds want to know!

*Big toothy grin and boho smooches*

Miz B.

Leigh said...

Weirsdo- Thank you. The suit I got was second to top. The top was a bit much.

Miz- Actually I'm not going out with Shawna...this is a different girl. Shawna is my math class remember? She was being snobby on Wednesday, so I am kind put off by her now. The new girl is way more interesting!

Miz BoheMia said...

I know chica! I meant first news on Shawna and now a new girl... which is what makes you grrrr... a player?!? But if she is being snobby tell her I am gonna bitch slap her ass! No one disses my best chica!

*Sigh* No one understands me anymore Leigh... What is a bohemian to do?

Plus, I had two comments left unanswered in your previous post!... *double sigh*

Hey, you need some drama, this bohemian is good for that!

Glad you found this new girl! Can't wait to hear more! Enjoy!

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Good Luck with it all Leigh.

Hot Suit. ;)

bee said...

Hoping the date went well!

shayna said...

I am so excited for you and hope the date went well... :) Let us know..okay! ;)

Leigh said...

Miz B- Sorry, my mind has been so occupied with math and art history and fine women. I just read your comment wrong... sorry again.

Alice, Bee, and Shayna - Thank you!

Everyone - The date went super well and we had such a wonderful time! I'm not sure yet of what posssiblities are in store as she is very young and has some unstable attachments back in her home state. For now, she's awesome to hang out with and easy to talk to... we will have to give it some time, but I am ok with that. :)