Sunday, January 08, 2006


This is why I live in California folks! It was in the mid 60's today with beautiful sunshine and fun surf! I can't believe how much sand that two week storm had brought in! There's a beach where there's usually water and the tide was just under a foot! With that sand and low tide, you pretty much have a 6 hour window surf as opposed to a 3 hour window. It felt like spring today. Just getting in the water had rinsed away the two week foul mood that had invaded my body and mind. I feel like I am thinking much more clearly. I start classes tomorrow...Math and Arts of Asia. I decided to take the English/Critical Thinking course in the spring. It will be nice to have a new beginning again.

Click on the image to enlarge it so you can get a better sense of being there. Check out the longboards everywhere!


bee said...

Today was absolutely beautiful! I only wish I was able to get out an enjoy it more!

Miz BoheMia said...

Awwww! A picture of home! *bohemian weeps away*

Glad you are finally enjoying a good start to the year! It has been a weird transition for everyone I know!

I missed reading you and am glad you're back chica!

I am glad you got to be back on your surf board! If I don't get my time on my yoga mat I go into withdrawal symptoms and everyone'd better run away from me because... grrr... you know?

Surf away and kick those waves asses!

Leigh said...

Bee - I know what you's gonna be nice again tomorrow, but I have work and school. The rain returns on Tues :( I will try to get out again tomorrow and you should too!

Miz B- Gosh, I so glad to get out of that funk! Yes, I know what you mean... those things are so important to our inner harmony. I'm sure everyone around me were thinking "Are you going be surfing soon, because you're driving us nuts!"

Day by Day said...

Beautiful *jealous*... Good luck with school. I start back tomorrow as welll...ick! ;( If I get anything else on my plate I don't know what I will do.

Have a great week! ;)

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

clear head , clear heart.

What am I doingback in the cold northeast again?

Here's to a great new year *clicks glasses*.

weirsdo said...

Looks great. I'd be interested to read about Arts of Asia, and the critical thinking course later.

Leigh said...

Shayna - Awww...well you are welcome to come here and visit! I didn't know you were taking classes - which ones?

Alice- I don't know about the clear heart yet...I'm still having issues with the girl regarding our friendship. But I am looking forward to school, knowing that is the cure. I'm very excited! You should have swung by cali and even more surfing!

Weirsdo - I'll give a full report! I am looking forward to both those subjects (even the math too).

Day by Day said...

I'm taking computer programming and web design... :( Mainly for my job at work... again :(

It's going to be a looooonnnnggg semester... ;(