Thursday, December 22, 2005

Whatever Comes to Mind

I think I am just posting to let go of the thoughts that have been occupying my brain. First, my parents are coming into town tomorrow. We are gearing up to see our enormous family. I am supposed to have breakfast with Alison and Briana tomorrow morning. I really could use the company, since I haven't seen anyone since Wednesday's let down. I guess that's why we have friends. I was invited to a company dinner this evening, and to my surprise I was really into smiling at all the pretty ladies around at the restaurant. I felt invincible for some reason. Even though I was turned down by a girl I was really into, it somehow boosted my self image. Perhaps because she was very flattered and said nothing but great things about me, which in turn flattered me. There's just a mutual admiration, trust and appreciation between us, to which she seems to recognize fully. Pretty good for just a 3 month surfing/email friendship. I am really proud of myself for not freaking out (although there were questionable moments), and proud of her for being so considerate and conscious of my feelings (which I knew she would be). Amazing...People can still surprise you.

The surf has been big, blown out, and stormy. I am not sure when I will be able to surf again :( With all the events that have happened I really needed to release this built up energy. Can't surf, can't inline skate, pools are close. So I went jogging. Twice this week, in the rain. Both times I came in soaked.

*yawn* it's bed time. Tomorrow is a new day. Thank you all for your support in my recent girl-troubles. Hopefully things will turn around again. Looking to the future...

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!! Happy Holidays!


shayna said...

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family, Leigh! It is always great to stay friends with "special" people in our lives.

Yeah, when listening to the news about California's weather, I thought of you not being able to surf... Funny how I am relating things to my fellow bloggers... maybe that means I have blogged tooo long... LOL!

Get some good sleep and party your Christmas away... drink some egg-nog for me (someone has toooo I hate the stuff) ;)

Miz BoheMia said...

Glad to hear the friendship is still going strong. It is always a blow to the ego to hear a "no", but given her reason, easier to get past it and, like you said, flattering!

So, any cute chics?

Shayna, I know what you mean about thinking of blog friends! Happens to me all the time! I don't know what that says about me! Yikes! ;-)

Leigh, I wish you a great holiday! Enjoy the fam and the Bay Area (do that for me!)...

Love and kisses,

Miz B.

Leigh said...

Shayna -Thank you! I hope you also enjoy this holiday weekend! I do wish the rain would let up, so I could go surf. I do love eggnog and really could use a drinkie after this intense week! ;)

Miz B - Yeah, any kind of rejection is always hard on the ole ego, plus she hasn't emailed me since that day. I am trying hard not to freak out, but I know she probably just hasn't been at work the last couple days. She also could probably use some time away from our intense situation. *sigh* I do trust her though, and know it isn't personal towards me. I am trying to be strong and secure.

Hehehe there's always cute chicks around ;) I will celebrate the holiday, Bay Area style just for you! Enjoy the holiday! BIG Hugs!

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Happy Holidays Leigh. Seize the day and the night.

Leigh said...

Will do dear, thank you! Have a good holiday!

weirsdo said...

Happy Holiday Days! I hope your family is the good kind, not the annoying kind. I'm pausing for a week or so after Christmas, but hope to read all about it when I'm back.

Day by Day said...

Hope your holiday was wonderful!!! ;)