Monday, December 05, 2005

Variation on a Theme

I had a very different surf session yesterday evening, but with some recurring themes. My friend Jessica from my class decided to come along with me. She has surfed before and is still learning. Cowells was extremely and painfully flat, even with the negative low tide, so we decided to check out the eastside and go over to Pleasure Point. Even there, it was flat, and with the negative low an annoying rock reef was exposed. It did look fun, so we decided on paddling out at 38th. Getting through that reef was just obnoxious! One moment you are in 2 inches of water, next step it's waist high! Lots of dips and holes, not to mention slippery sea grass. We finally made it out and had a great time. The sunset was amazing! It's a little different than Cowells in that you can actually see the sun go down in the horizon. The colors were pure orange and yellow and it just glassed off like you couldn't imagine! Almost mirror-like. Jess and I were the last two out of the water. That seriously was my kind of evening. Mellow waves, no crowds, and a lovely evening glass-off with a spectacular sunset!

I almost forgot! Reading Jason's post about the bar this weekend reminded me that I was actually very social this weekend! It was very busy! Saturday I beer-bonded with my good friend Patty. We have this ritual where we sit down have some beers and bond. There were a lot of new people there to meet and talk to, all Patty's friends. She's actually the reason I started drinking coffee. She works at a coffee shop that I used to frequent and I had the biggest crush on her. I told her how I felt, but she was seeing someone at the time. We decided to be friends, and now we are still good friends after 5 or 6 years. She is still someone I absolutely just love (like family) and trust completely and I wouldn't have it any other way. The other event I had on Saturday was for a new friend of mine from work. She is leaving our company and moving on, so there was a dinner for her. Porsha is awesome has been wanting to hangout for awhile now, so it was cool to socialize outside the realm of our jobs. And Sunday I hung with Jessica, from class as stated above. She is my most recently made friendship and we really get along well. It was so fun to drag her all over Santa Cruz yesterday and she got to meet some of my other friends. It was very interesting to have all these different levels of friendship occur in one weekend, and very enjoyable. I forgot how well I do in groups of people. Perhaps I should do these things more often.


Girl on the Blog said...

Sounds like your weekend was great! Very busy you were...

Also sounds like the surf was a blast! I am so jealous!!!!!!!

weirsdo said...

Sunset sounds beautiful.
I like that name, "Porsha."
I've got three words for my own weekend: Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Weekend sounds awesome Leigh and there is something to be said for bonding with friends on various levels or bonding with various levels of friends. lol
It does keep one from what they need to do but in the long run it it probably the better choice.

Anonymous said...

Girl - It was both great and busy!

Weirsdo - Do you have a performance coming up, perhaps a holiday function?

Alice- I love bonding with friends! It surely keeps us sane to socialize!

Leigh said...

Duh, the anon was me if you didn't's late for me and it's been a long I forgiven? hehehe

Girl on the Blog said...

I guess so... I guess you are forgiven... but just this once! :)

Don't let it happen again... :)