Saturday, December 31, 2005

Out With A Bang!

My hand is ok! I spend all yesterday morning going back and forth between doctor's offices because the xray tech was out on vacation. Turns out my hand is not broken. The doc said just to ice it, take motrin for the pain, and use it as it will heal faster than if we wrapped it up. I'm like "uh, ok". I had not been able to do anything with my right hand for the past two hurt like hell. The night I injured my hand, my parents, myself and other family went out to dinner. We had sushi, and you can imagine me trying to use chopsticks. That was not happening, so I had go honky-mofo style and use a fork (sorry that offends anyone, but I am half honky mofo myself and am pretty sure that gives me the privilege to use that term...hehe). Anyway, today the swelling has gone down and I am able to use my hand pretty well in spite of the stiffness and soreness. The best thing that came out of this is that I got keep the xrays! This was the 3rd time my right hand has been xray'd and I have always wanted to keep them...they're just so cool! Now I have them! I will replace the generic pic with the real deal on Monday (I have the ability to scan 35mm slides and xrays at work! Awesome!).

So how did this happen? Surfing of course. It was a red flag day, so the current was pretty strong. I was very careful getting into the water, but because the tide was super low, there was backwash coming from 3 directions. If a longboard isn't nose first into a wave, the energy of the impact is extremely intense. Well, because of all the backwash, I wasn't able to turn the board fast enough to punch the nose through the main wave coming in. I had to keep my board in control, but the energy it transfered went right into my ring and pinky finger, jamming them back and out. I managed to paddle out thinking the pain was temporary. Once I knew it wasn't going away, it was extremely easy to catch the forever, endless breaking waves in. I was so disappointed! Looked so fun and everyone was saying they were having a great time! That was my window to surf, and now I am not sure when the weather will let up and I can surf again. *sigh* At least it was just my hand and not my head and I am able to surf at all! I am thankful that's all it was.

Well, I am still feeling a little under the weather, but I should be going out to a New Years Eve Party later on. I had a lot of options, but if I am not with my family, or a girlfriend, I spend it with my best friend Ami.

Happy New Years Everyone!


Day by Day said...

Glad your hand is okay... Happy New Year Leigh!!!!

Miz BoheMia said...

Happy New Year Leigh! May you have a surfalicious year up ahead!

Bohemian smooches and mucho love,

Miz B

bee said...

Yeowch! Glad to hear your hand is okay.
Happy New Year!

Leigh said...

Thanks Shayna, me too!

Miz B - I am sure it will be a surfalicious year! I can't wait!

Thank you Bee- have a happy new year yourself ;)

weirsdo said...

Good x-ray pic, anyway. Glad it wasn't broken. With me, hand trouble = automatic missed income.
Happy New Year!

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Nice picture.
Yikes though.

I'm glad it is feeling better.