Saturday, November 26, 2005

Say what?

I actually do not feel like going surfing today. I am not sure if it's because the temperatures are in the mid 50's (hey, that's cold for a native Californian), or I am just not feeling 100% today, or perhaps the tide isn't going to go past 1.60ft today. God, I have become a wave snob where the conditions have to be to my ideal specifications. I think it's the combo of all the above. Why force myself to drive over the hill and get into cold water? I think the conditions will be waaaay better tomorrow, so I'll just go then.

I had a good thanksgiving with my family. My parents went off on a cruise to the Bahamas, but I still have my huge ass family here. I don't think I've ever gone into my dynasty of kin. I grew up with my mother's family which consists of her having 9 brothers and 2 sisters, thus equaling over 50 cousins and countless children amongst them. It's pretty crazy during xmas with a sea of presents under some poor tree trying to live up to it's life's purpose of being the center piece of the holiday. The amazing thing about my family is that, for the most part, we all get along and really enjoy one another. We've become a little scattered over the years, but we still manage some huge gatherings.

This about a 1/3 of us - taken at my aunt and uncle's 25th wedding anniversary back in '03. I am in there somewhere.

Speaking of which, I was the orignal flowergirl for their wedding back in 1978.

Anyway, time to make some lunch...yes I do have turkey, but I think I am gonna opt for something else. Surf report later on this week, stay tuned!


Girl on the Blog said...

Hope you get to surf-it-up tomorrow!! ;)

Family is wonderful... those of us who have big families and actually get a long with each other are few and far between...

I am so glad you had a great Thanksgiving... I did as well... I do not think I want to see another Turkey for a VERY long time... leftovers... omg... I am sick of them! ;)

You were a beautiful little girl...

Take care and I guess, I should say "surfs up"... isn't that surfing lingo?

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

awwww leigh so sweet.

I hope you rest and do whatever you want.

Glad Thanksgiving was happy for you and have fun tomorrow.

My family is pretty large but scattered all over the world we also have a fairly large friend base in my immediately family who are also considered family. We mostly get along when we are together.

Leigh said...

Girl - I am getting ready as we speak! Usually during xmas we have a huge turkey for dinner as well *sigh* Thank you for the compliment...the little girl in me thanks you as well. Good job on the Bro-bonics! Surfs up!

Alice - Thanks dear...I will rest and surf! It's so nice to have family and friends to visit all over. I too have many friends that are now part of my family whether they like it or not! hehehe

weirsdo said...

Thanks for showing us your family. I didn't realize before that you were of Asian extraction. You were a real doll! (Not like Pansi.)

Leigh said...

lol Thanks Weirsdo - people don't usually guess my ethnicity right off, being of mixed race (caucasion and filipina). I usually just call myself an American, well, because, that's what I am. As dark haired and olived skin I maybe, I cannot deny my father's genes which have given me blonde and blue eyed relatives. It's always been a tough identity situation. Hmmm... too many issues and maybe I'll turn into a doll like pansi someday ;)