Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Random Thoughts

I actually started writing a post back on Sunday, but my stupid laptop froze and lost it. Being too lazy or too busy, I have just now sat down to write. I did surf this past weekend and had a blast. Friday was perfect as a new swell came in. The weather has been holding up and it still feels like spring here. Saturday there was a little bump in the water so it was difficult passing the threshold of catching waves. I was surfing pretty aggressively that day. I was getting up right away and turning and cutting hard, which is pretty unusual for me as I am all for the elegant glide. I actually pulled off a right drop knee by accident! In California the waves usually break right. Being a goofy-footer (my right foot is forward) I am always with my back to the wave, making right hand turns a little more tedious. What a feeling! I was feeling pretty crummy most of the weekend. I had worked a long week and one day was a 14hr day, so I was pretty frazzled.

I also had some minor drama with a friend. Well, she says she doesn't have time to invest in a friendship, having trouble already giving time with to people currently in her life. So a new friendship is just not possible at this time. But she stated that we can still be surfing friends. I hate labels, and I think this is a situation where it's stupid to try and name the current relationship I share with this person. I am trying not take this personally, and it wasn't like she was mean or insensitive, nor trying to shut me out completely...I guess any kind of rejection, no matter how minor, hurts a little. All she had were very good and positive things to say about me. I'm thinking "Then what's the problem?" ...Obviously, it's not me. It totally maybe a time issue with her. Anyway, she was very sweet and kind about it all, we are still "surfing friends", whatever that really means. Damn labels.

Alison is in New Hampshire for a couple more weeks, but everyone else is still around. I think Ami and I are going to hang on Friday. I think we need to branch out some and not bag too many movies or lame TV shows. We may run out of material. I am so glad the school quarter is almost to an end. Next quarter I can take something more enlightening...sorry environmental bio just doesn't do it for me. Anything within the subject of Humanities is more a turn on in my world.

Anyway, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. I actually am looking more forward to the 4 days I have off. Surfs up! I am going to have to do something to burn off all the food I plan eat.


Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Who needs faux friends anyway.
I hope you have a great four days off. I won't be getting into the water so looks like it will be walking around the streets of the city of jumping up and down to get rid of those calories.

Don't eat too much I wouldn't want you to sink. ;0

Girl on the Blog said...

What... no Mraz talk?

I really don't think I ever had a friend tell me "we can only be surfing friends"... course I don't surf... little childish if you ask me... not that you are asking! ;)

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving... hey... at least you can surf to burn off the big feast!

Leigh said...

Alice - that could be entertaining watching you get rid of the calories. As far as faux friends go, I think that is what she was trying to spare me, and why she decided to remain what were already are.

Girl - It does sound a little childish in a way, but it also makes sense in a way too. Why attempt to give to a friendship when you know can not follow through. I think she was being sincere and honest about what she was willing to give. Maybe she'll open her eyes and figure out what a wonderful asset I am ;) Until then, she is the one who is missing out. Don't worry, I won't give anything more than she is willing to.

weirsdo said...

It is hard for me to follow these surfing descriptions, but I enjoy trying.
Sorry about your friend, but as someone who is fairly wrapped up in family and "part time" work, I can understand where she might be coming from.
I'm looking forward to hearing about your Humanities courses.

Leigh said...

Weirsdo - I wish I had my own personal photographer to get visuals. Ah well, I'll try my best to describe in words whats going on. As far as my friend goes, this wasn't a black and white situation. She does have a lot going on in her life, and I too, can see where she is coming from. Perhaps in time we can be better friends. I think I am taking an (English) Critial Thinking class next quarter. I can't wait!