Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Photo Journal Post

It's been over a week since I have last posted. I was looking at someone else's photo journal and got inspired to sort of display my own. I have taken so many pics over the years and have been to so many places. Here are some of my favorites. I am doing a full moon surf sesh tomorrow, so I will have more to tell soon! Until then, enjoy my fav's!

Europe 2003

Madrid, Spain - Early Morning Shoot

Madrid, Spain - Protest (You never know what you'll encounter traveling)

Madrid, Spain - Plaza de Mayor Wall Mural

Sneaky me taking photo's in a church

One of the very few photo's I took in Brussels, Belgium

Florence, Italy -Aerial view from my hotel room. I do have a night version of this too that I'll post another time

Rome - Inviting Statue

Florida 2004

Palm Bay, FL - November Sunset: View from my parent's dining room (notice the grids from the screen?)

California Misc.

My boards last year. I still own all but the last two on the left and have gained one more since.

October morning at Shark's Cove -Eastside Santa Cruz

Ace in your face! My loving pitbull who wanted to play rather than fulfill his modeling contract.


Girl on the Blog said...

I am turning green...with envy... You are one lucky woman being able to travel... I have been to almost all 50 states but never outside of the country...

I have never surfed one day of my life... I am in envy again...

Gorgeous Dog!

weirsdo said...

Those are fun; great variety.
Pansi wants to know if the model for the angel is interested in auditioning for NG4J, since it looks as if it's all going to fall down if she moves her hands. . .

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Nice, makes me want to hop a plane...that doesn;t take much these days.
look at that dogs face ...so cool to say the least. Nice collection of boards.

SailorAshley said...


Leigh said...

Girl - The US has some great spots and hold some of my fondest travel memories. You should try surfing! It's on of those things you can start at anytime. Ace says "Thank you!"

Weirsdo - I am sure that angel would make a great addition to NG4J!

Alice - Ace is cool! Thanks, I love all my boards!

Ashley- was that a Napleon D. "Lucky"? hehehehe

bee said...

I love your photos, the one of the boards is my fave. :)