Monday, November 28, 2005

Last November '05 Session

It was so difficult finding the motivation to go surfing on Sunday, but I managed. The swell was dying down by the time I got there, but Nicole and Steve were out. It had been awhile since I surfed with the both of them, and I was eager to hear about how they spent the holiday weekend. Also in the water was my swimming instructor from Foothill, Arno. It was good to see him, too, as well as many other familiars. Hannah was out the day before,and I am kinda bummed I didn't get to see her. Perhaps in the coming weekend. But anyway, I did catch a few, but the waves were rounding out by the time they reached the end of Indicators and not providing a whole lot of pulse. Nicole, myself, and mass of kids that belonged to our friend Randy, caught a party wave that took us from the point to the beach (which is about a football field's length). I didn't quite make it that far, but it was still a long ride. It was about a 20 minute wait between sets, and I started getting cold. I headed in.

I wanted to save my energy (and gas money) for this coming weekend. There's going to be a very negative low tide with a decent swell coming in. I am guessing it will look like this:

That's a good picture of Cowells in December of last year I believe, but I didn't take it. Credit goes to:

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Say what?

I actually do not feel like going surfing today. I am not sure if it's because the temperatures are in the mid 50's (hey, that's cold for a native Californian), or I am just not feeling 100% today, or perhaps the tide isn't going to go past 1.60ft today. God, I have become a wave snob where the conditions have to be to my ideal specifications. I think it's the combo of all the above. Why force myself to drive over the hill and get into cold water? I think the conditions will be waaaay better tomorrow, so I'll just go then.

I had a good thanksgiving with my family. My parents went off on a cruise to the Bahamas, but I still have my huge ass family here. I don't think I've ever gone into my dynasty of kin. I grew up with my mother's family which consists of her having 9 brothers and 2 sisters, thus equaling over 50 cousins and countless children amongst them. It's pretty crazy during xmas with a sea of presents under some poor tree trying to live up to it's life's purpose of being the center piece of the holiday. The amazing thing about my family is that, for the most part, we all get along and really enjoy one another. We've become a little scattered over the years, but we still manage some huge gatherings.

This about a 1/3 of us - taken at my aunt and uncle's 25th wedding anniversary back in '03. I am in there somewhere.

Speaking of which, I was the orignal flowergirl for their wedding back in 1978.

Anyway, time to make some lunch...yes I do have turkey, but I think I am gonna opt for something else. Surf report later on this week, stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Random Thoughts

I actually started writing a post back on Sunday, but my stupid laptop froze and lost it. Being too lazy or too busy, I have just now sat down to write. I did surf this past weekend and had a blast. Friday was perfect as a new swell came in. The weather has been holding up and it still feels like spring here. Saturday there was a little bump in the water so it was difficult passing the threshold of catching waves. I was surfing pretty aggressively that day. I was getting up right away and turning and cutting hard, which is pretty unusual for me as I am all for the elegant glide. I actually pulled off a right drop knee by accident! In California the waves usually break right. Being a goofy-footer (my right foot is forward) I am always with my back to the wave, making right hand turns a little more tedious. What a feeling! I was feeling pretty crummy most of the weekend. I had worked a long week and one day was a 14hr day, so I was pretty frazzled.

I also had some minor drama with a friend. Well, she says she doesn't have time to invest in a friendship, having trouble already giving time with to people currently in her life. So a new friendship is just not possible at this time. But she stated that we can still be surfing friends. I hate labels, and I think this is a situation where it's stupid to try and name the current relationship I share with this person. I am trying not take this personally, and it wasn't like she was mean or insensitive, nor trying to shut me out completely...I guess any kind of rejection, no matter how minor, hurts a little. All she had were very good and positive things to say about me. I'm thinking "Then what's the problem?" ...Obviously, it's not me. It totally maybe a time issue with her. Anyway, she was very sweet and kind about it all, we are still "surfing friends", whatever that really means. Damn labels.

Alison is in New Hampshire for a couple more weeks, but everyone else is still around. I think Ami and I are going to hang on Friday. I think we need to branch out some and not bag too many movies or lame TV shows. We may run out of material. I am so glad the school quarter is almost to an end. Next quarter I can take something more enlightening...sorry environmental bio just doesn't do it for me. Anything within the subject of Humanities is more a turn on in my world.

Anyway, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. I actually am looking more forward to the 4 days I have off. Surfs up! I am going to have to do something to burn off all the food I plan eat.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Luna Run

It was a full moon last night and I did get into the water. It was so warm outside! It must have been about 75 degrees at least, which gave the illusion that it was late May, instead of November. Hannah was supposed to hang, but didn't make it. Nicole was there and it was cool hanging with her, since it had been awhile since we've surfed together. The waves were pretty small, but the negative low 12" gave us some consistent micro-waves, if you will. It was so mellow, I had felt safe enough to bring the cam out and get some pics.

Not too many people, and not too many waves, but what a beautiful setting!

Spankers galore!

Gettin' a little close to Nicole taking this intimate shot of me.

Cruisin' on a spanker!

The guest of honor

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Photo Journal Post

It's been over a week since I have last posted. I was looking at someone else's photo journal and got inspired to sort of display my own. I have taken so many pics over the years and have been to so many places. Here are some of my favorites. I am doing a full moon surf sesh tomorrow, so I will have more to tell soon! Until then, enjoy my fav's!

Europe 2003

Madrid, Spain - Early Morning Shoot

Madrid, Spain - Protest (You never know what you'll encounter traveling)

Madrid, Spain - Plaza de Mayor Wall Mural

Sneaky me taking photo's in a church

One of the very few photo's I took in Brussels, Belgium

Florence, Italy -Aerial view from my hotel room. I do have a night version of this too that I'll post another time

Rome - Inviting Statue

Florida 2004

Palm Bay, FL - November Sunset: View from my parent's dining room (notice the grids from the screen?)

California Misc.

My boards last year. I still own all but the last two on the left and have gained one more since.

October morning at Shark's Cove -Eastside Santa Cruz

Ace in your face! My loving pitbull who wanted to play rather than fulfill his modeling contract.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


For my lab yesterday we traveled to the Palo Alto Baylands. What an interesting place where freshwater meets saltwater and providing a variety of creatures to gawk at. Before you enter the reserve, the is a duck pond and what a duck pond indeed!

This must be the time of year for spectacular sunsets because I was lucky enough to catch the beauty of the sun retiring behind the hills. The sky was being indecisive about being sunny or whether it should rain. It did both and threw in some thunder and lighting for a dramatic finish.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sweet November

What a wonderful weekend! Saturday I had my posse of Nicole and Steve, and also Michelle and her husband and kids were out. We had a blast. It was one of those evenings where you keep saying "Just one more and I'm going in". The next day I went out about 4pm and caught Hannah just getting out of her car getting ready to go in. It looked small, but we had some good sets roll through. I paddled out ahead, and she met up with me and mouthed "It's cold" as I caught my first wave of the afternoon. She was right...the water temp has dropped into the low low 50's. I have now been reduced to wearing booties and my stiff 4/3 wetsuit. The sun started setting not long after we started, and we were again blessed with a picturesque view of purples, oranges, and pinks shimmering off the water surface. As it got darker, people started to head out, leaving only a handful of surfers in the water. Hannah and I were both going over the "Just one more wave" routine, I was the first to surrender after a couple of fun rides. I waited for Hannah on the beach as an awesome set rolled in. The sounds were incredible in the dark and gave it such a surreal feeling. I could barely make Hannah out in the dark and only knew her by her blue and white Pearson Arrow. I wish all my weekends were like that. It makes the week more bearable.

I did take some night photos, but need to download them. In the meantime, the featured pictured is pretty damn close to what it was like.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The X Factor

This week has been completely weird, in that I have either heard news about an exgirlfriend, or have been contacted by an exgf. First, a former girlfriend of mine back in my early 20's had gotten married, and I have heard recently she is now pregnant. This was a 4 year, long term, miserable relationship and I had been the one who initiated the breakup. It creeps me out that this person is reproducing. My more recent ex had just emailed me a couple days ago. We had not left in the best of terms, but I had previously tried to reconcile our differences, only to get no response. It's been over a year since I had last heard from her. We have been corresponding this week and have decided to try and be friends and I will leave it at that for now.

It's almost the weekend and I am ready to hit the water. Its getting dark so early now :( Guess those glow-sticks I bought will be in use very soon! I'll keep ya'll posted!

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