Friday, October 21, 2005

The Snow White Theory

This past summer I came up with a concept I called the Snow White Theory. For the last couple years I became obsessed with trying to figure out how long it takes humans to become, well, human. My questions were pointed towards the duration it takes people to learn things like compassion, guilt, and selflessness. I also wondered if these traits were innate or learned. So, my answers to these inquires were met with the Snow White Theory, stating that who we are is directly influenced by the people and environment around us. For example, as for the name-sake of the theory, look at the character of Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In the story's most simple non-symbolic terms, Snow White is a bland, innocent, and naive person. When you add the other characters, such as the Seven Dwarfs, they somewhat color her world with some dimension and personality (thus them having a human attribute). Not to say we are as basic or boring as Snow White, quite the contrary. I believe we all contribute something to one another. And with that belief I come to the conclusion that from birth, the way we react to situations, the virtues we develop, and emotional maturity we gain, is all influenced by the people that surround us. All of this is nothing new, but how valid is this concept and how deeply are we affected by the individuals that shape our world?

The reason I am, again, revisiting this idea, is because my friend Tiffany added the concept of time to this equation. She simply stated (without even knowing my theory, or us even having any conversation on the subject) "I think it's all about timing. My husband tells that he thinks that it's fate that we are together, and I just laugh. I figure the time was right, meaning that I was emotionally ready to get married. 5 years ago there's no way I could've married him." The nonchalant, "as a matter of fact", shoulder-shrugging way Tiffany said it, really made an impact on my view on how we interact with one another. Do we really move step by step from person to person? Do we somehow evolve as we meet these people? Of course we do, but the question is do we, at the right time and circumstance, meet people that are suitable to our emotional growth and need? And is this somehow planned or freewill (this question was brought up to me by my form Lit Professor, Julie when I had let her in on my subject of obsession. I didn't put much energy into thinking about that factor, but it's seemingly making sense to ask that).

I am going leave here for now, but I sure there will be another epiphany that will come about concerning our humanity.

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weirsdo said...

I don't believe in predestination at all, and free will only a little, because I think evolutionary bio shows that our responses to environment are conditioned by genetics.
For example, I recently asked an English woman who lived near Huddersfield about the city, because my ancestors came from there. Surprise, surprise, they're known for being non-conformists and musical.

Leigh said...

lol...of course! I, myself, am not quite sure I believe in predestination... I haven't invested much thinking time into it to make a decision whether I buy it. A lot of factors go into a life, and it only takes one small choice to change it.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...
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Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

I have always felt that the ability to emphasize and have compassion is innate for the most part and a small amount is environmental. I know two people who I feel were just naturally empathetic and compassionate. I can’t explain the whole situation but it is these two people that have confirmed my belief that it is almost fully inherent.
The timing thing is also a conundrum but I do believe that there are people who come into your life at the wrong time who you miss out on due to it not being the right time. As to if the perfect soul mate really exists and if that soul mate came into your life at the wrong time would you miss the chance, I have often wondered. I have debated in my mind that surely a soul mate could not be missed…….I don’t know, I think that, speaking for myself, it is surely possible to miss out on something and it is also possible to make big mistakes just because the timing is or isn’t right .

To me it is sad if it is all about timing.

Leigh said...

Alice, I too, believe we all feel compassion and empathy from birth and is what makes us human. Conundrum is definitely the right word when discussing the involvement of timing and the people around us. It's has something to with it, but not everything to with it. For myself, I have had people come into my life (friends and lovers) when I have most needed it.

These are very complex and personal questions. It's so hard not to feel like you are contradicting yourself at times. I am so glad that Weirsdo and yourself commented. It's good to have different perspectives and more angles (not mentions more questions) to add.

The ZenFo Pro said...

I don't know if time has any bearing on your theory, really. If Einstein's correct in his belief that time-space really isn't linnear, then everything probably has the same curve. The question I've always had is who really controls the curve? Is meeting someone a matter of fate or a combination of choices and influences, free will, anticipated future needs, all converging on that one particular point in space-time.

Wow. Very deep.

Leigh said...

Ah...the age old question time. In Einstein I trust...I loved the mini-series on him! In the orignal Snow White Theory, time didn't factor in. I just started exploring that concept as another question. Again, Alice best describe the timing as a conundrum, and I agree.

And I still can't decide between fate and freewill!

Yes Jason...very deep indeed!

weirsdo said...

Smart Alic is SO RITE!!!!!! I have ALWAYS been a REAL good EMPHASIZER!!!!!!!!!!!

Leigh said...

You are Pansi!I'm sure Jesus would be proud!