Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hotel California

I survived my camping trip for my environmental bio class. I actually grew up across the street from the same mountain range, so I was no stranger to the locale. In fact the view you see in the pic is the same is what we saw when we walked out our front door. I still have no idea how my parents were able to sell that house. Anyway, I laughed when people were putting on bug repellent. There are some wimpy mosquito's here in Cali - try just going outside to check the mail in Florida. You'll come back in looking like you've got chickenpox.

We did a lot of hiking and bird watching (lots of raptors and woodpeckers). California has some of the toughest laws protecting it's wildlife and it gives a silent pride being a native to this state. We saw the moon come up, but it was nothing compared to mine and Hannah's surf/moon session. It also made my view of the stars, well, sucky. As to more practical matters, I actually set my camp and tent up myself and did pretty well. And with a not so silent pride, I bragged to my father about my new found skill.

Speaking of my parents, they are in the middle of nasty tornados in Florida. Wilma is approaching and my dad is assuring me that she will stay south and not be anything more than a Cat 2. They are in Palm Bay, near Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral. I still worry and I am not sure how they could live there (they've been there for the last 2 years). I will be watching you Wilma. Be nice.

Picture above: My view of our sundown hike amongst the creepy abandoned barn.


The ZenFo Pro said...

Hey Leigh,
Hope your parents are doing okay. As for the camping experience, well, you're right. The misquitos are nothing out west compared to the Deep South. Takes a shotgun and some buckshot to take some of those suckers down back in Louisiana ;)

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

It looks very remote but I imagine it could be a nice time, and being out there sometimes would be good for the mind and the soul.I'm glad you survived.
My "still alive" set of grandparents have a home in Florida where they live in the winter; I was not even aware the hurricane was going anywhere near them but it appears that it did. Their house was boarded . They are without electric for a few days I guess and with a lot of downed trees. I felt so out of it when my mother emailed me to tell me they were fine because I had no idea they were even in harms way. I'm happy your parents are safe.

Leigh said...

Jason - hahaha...I bet you could probably fry those suckers up and have a decent meal! Thank you for for you concern for my folks...they are fine now!

Alice - Actually its only 30 minutes east of San Jose (not really remote, but far enough away). I am happy to hear your grandparents are safe. But don't fear, my dad said he said a bunch of PG&E trucks out, ready for the power rescue! Thank you too for your concern, for my survival, and my parents.

weirsdo said...

Sounds like fun homework.
Hope your parents are safe.