Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Harvest Moon

I spent the last three days surfing and I am pretty pooped! Last night was the grande finale of my sessions for the week, as I stayed out with my new friend Hannah and waited for the moon to rise. I got to Cowells at about 4:30pm and EVERYONE was out there: Alison, her roommate Peter, Nicole, Steve, Laurie, Hannah and other familiars. The surf was so fun due to the fading swell and negative low tide! The waves keep rolling in. The sun was going down and it was starting to get breezy and cold. Then then the sun did go down and it was just freezing! But as soon as the moon started peeking from the cloud cover it was just amazing! The clouds were illuminated and the bright moonbeams reflected and shimmered bright orange and yellow on the water surface. It so happened that it was a harvest moon as Hannah pointed out, so it appeared bigger and brighter. I wish I had my camera!

It was very much worth the hypothermia and frozen ass!! I would totally do it again. I don't think I could have had a more fun and beautiful evening.

Picture taken from: http://www.sundog.clara.co.uk/halo/pmoon3.htm


Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Now that sounds like my kind of weekend.

Sad when they end though.

Leigh said...

I know :( But it gives you more incentive to make every moment count.

weirsdo said...

That sounds great. I'm not that into photography, but I read somewhere that the moon will not look so big in your pictures as in life, due to some distortion the cameral doesn't pick up on. Anyway, some people are too busy taking pictures to have experiences--wouldn't want to be one of those.

Leigh said...

I think you are correct about the distortion (let's ask Alice, since she's into photography). Also, to add to that, no picture could capture the feelings, or the moment. I mean, I was freezing to the point where my teeth were chattering...but I was in good company doing what I absolutely love doing. The moon's light show just enhanced the experience.

As far as busy taking pics - well it only takes a second to snap a picture, so I never feel that takes anything away. However I am not a professional photographer, who spend their moments always behind a camera and never looking at life through their own eyes.