Saturday, October 15, 2005

Gettin' Ready

Sorry I haven't posted since last week, but work and class has been insane (I mean the combination of them both). I, like Alice, am doing whores, I mean chores, such as laundry, dishes, cleaning the kitchen, etc.

I have paused to drink some coffee, eat my banana nut muffin, and check blogs. Its going to be a busy day today. In about half an hour I am going to Santa Cruz for my surf buddy's (Nicole)aikido test, called a kyu, I think. Then on to some surfing right after! There is a swell in, but its pretty windy and rainy out. I'll try to get some atmospheric pics in.

Next week for my environmental bio lab, we are going camping! I can't wait for that! I will be sure to get losta pics on that trip.


Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

ha ha

Seriously surfing sounds awesome.

So far I have seen avenue q and ate some food that was not that palatable and am now studying for a few , thank god my friends have to study while here. Mraz tomorrow although I would trade that for a few good rides on some very big waves... the kind of rides where I actually stay on my feet and look like the queen momma of the ocean.
Thing about nyc can't camp unless it's under the subway and that is some nasty.

Have fun.
I'm going to try to bake somethin tomorrow as a friend is lending me his apartment for the weekend while I entertain. lol That banana stuff sounds good about now.

Leigh said...

That was cool of your friend to lend you his place. I did the same thing today for one my friends. I got home and she was still here and came out of the shower topless. I told her she can come over anytime ;)
There is nothing like a good wave that makes you a momentary rockstar. I don't think we have a whole lot of nasty here. I'll try to get some pics of the camping lab so you can live vicarously through my Californian eyes. Have fun baking!