Sunday, October 09, 2005

Friday Night Special to Sunday Pit Stop

Geez this weekend had been busy! Friday I went surfing until it got dark. At first glance it didn't look like much, but that soon changed with the low tide, then it became just pure fun! I have several really good rides, my turns were awesome. I remember finishing a wave and wishing someone had seen my ride, then I looked up at the cliff and I had an audience of Alison, Briana, Scott, and their dog Kiedus. Yes! The ride had been claimed! They were waving to me with great enthusiasm!

Yesterday I had my niece's 9th birthday to attend. I can't believe she's getting so big, so fast! We went to Golfland with other family members and were there for a few hours. I then decided to go surfing (it was around 5:30pm already). By the time I got to Santa Cruz it was cold and very, very windy. Getting into the water was a challenge as my 9' surfboard felt like 9' kite. When I got into the water, the winds were off shore, so it took a great effort doing anything, especially catching waves. I did manage a few, but it was getting dark and cold. I got bitch-slapped a couple times and was getting tired, so I started in. After changing in the dark and cold, I headed over to my best friend's place for her boyfriends birthday fondue party. I love fondue...I had a great time, met some fun people, but man, I am pooped today!


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Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Sooo nice to have a claimed

Sleep is heavenly for sure.

I daren't venture into the wates of the north Atlantic this time of year.

Too bad they didn't video tape it.

weirsdo said...

Sounds like a little of everything. I, on the other hand, watched a movie about spelling bees and taught my son about the globe. At least I can live vicariously through blogging. . . .

Jack Naka said...

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The ZenFo Pro said...

Nothing like low tide rides. And the fondue party sounds like so much fun!

Leigh said...

Alice - YES! If someone didn't see it, it didn't happen. I think it best you stay onshore for the northest winter. Just wait until you move to Berkeley, you'll have all year to surf!

Weirsdo - A movie about spelling bee's? Like a documentary on kids spelling or bees spelling? How'd your son do with his geography? Or was it astronomy you were teaching him? Or perhaps going over the architure plans of the Globe Theatre?

Jacka Nacka - I'll take a free beauty...she blonde or brunette?

IBH - Low tide at Cowells with a pulsing SW swell and good sandbar, life doesn't get any sweeter! Dipping stuff in cheese and chocolate is simply divine.

weirsdo said...

Yeah. A documentary on kids going to the National Spelling Bee. It was actually good, and good for Mall Diva to see other kids practicing something for hours a day.
He did fine. Just basic geography--hemispheres and such. I would have capitalized the Globe Theatre!

Leigh said...

Ah ok...sounds like fun. I love how you interact with your kids and are very much a part of their education (in studies and life lessons). My own parents were very hands-off, and I know when I decide to start a family I will definitely be hands-on.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

I will unleash my children to the public school system as I am an advocate for public education or at least the repair of it.

We are all too damn beautiful to need free samples, go somewhere where there are ugly people..............

Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkins site would do or maybe those idiots that had that "tard blog" a long time ago if they are stil there.


Leigh said...

Watch out public school system! I am sure Alice's kids will be teaching those other children a thing or two about environmental conciousness and how jason mraz lyrics make life a little more bearable. ;)