Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fall Afternoon

The waves came! After I had been late to Nicole's Kyu and saw some awesome aikido moves, it was to the beach I went. Steamer Lane and indicator was howling! Head high sets came in and it was a shortboard's paradise. I got a pic of a calm moment inbetween the sets:

I am not quite there skillwise yet, although on a negative tide I will sometimes surf the very end of Indicator. So headed back to Cowells. It was a lot of fun but a lot of work paddling. I really need to start swimming again to get my endurance back. Anyway, it turned out to be a sunny day, no rain, but a lot of wind. This after my session (the low tide happen to be in the middle of the afternoon, so it wasn't dark when I got out):

Nicole had just drove up as I was changing, but I went back to the cliff and caught a glimpse of her catching a wave:

When I got home, my friend Briana had been hanging out at my place. I came in and starting doing something in my kitchen and she had just come out the shower was topless! I wish everyday ended like this! Briana is so carefree and very comfortable with herself, so it wasn't a big deal. But I still wish all my days ended like that. Briana and I chatted for awhile and she had to go off to work. I made stuffed bellpeppers, which turned out awesome. Now I am ready to relax!


weirsdo said...

Sounds like a very good day. What is an awesome aikido movie like? I have been having a lousy time with one concert after another, so it is good to read that someone is recreating.

Leigh said...

Aikido is a matial art...its a conversion of energy and is all about defense. Its very gentle and almost dance like. Are this concerts that you are performing? Isn't playing music a form of creating? I played sax and bass clarinet from elementary school til my sophmore year in college. I was in choir in high school. It's very similar to surfing a wave, playing music. There's a certain feeling that can not be described by words, nor replicated or replaced by any other activity.

weirsdo said...

I know what aikido is. I was wondering about the movies. I didn't know if you meant factual movies or "Revenge of the Aikido Ninja"-type movies. I gather its the art itself that makes the movies awesome.

Playing music is fine if it's easy, but I'm not the most talented or biggest practicer in the world, so I am always struggling to get those notes, and the measly pay that goes with them.

Leigh said...

I was the same way...I was pretty mediocre. But when I was in choir, you didn't have to worry so much because you are in a big section, so it was easier to memorize the words and notes. I found that much more enlighting and care free as to when I was plying in concert band.

I think I said "moves", not "movies". Do they make aikido movies? That would be interesting to see! Almost done with my tag items!

The ZenFo Pro said...

LOL about the topless friend wandering through the house. Have had that happen once or twice.

Sounds like an awesome day.

Leigh said...

IBH = It was a very fun day! Good to hear someone else has had the joys of topless gals hanging out (no pun intended!)

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

That sounds so nice. That top pictures looks kind of eerie though.

I love stuffed peppers if they are stuffed with vegetables but have eaten them stuffed with pork and beef.

I have thought about taking Akido here in the city for two years; haven't done it yet but I've love to if I had the time.

My only experience with people running around me topless by surprise was with my roommate freshman year, she did it because she wanted everyone to see and feel her fake boobs; they weren't all that even.

Glad your weekend of what a weekend should be.

weirsdo said...

Sorry. I misread that word. Sheesh!

Leigh said...

Alice: I make my pepper with a combination of rice, veggies, and beef. I took Aikido long ago, but don't remember a lot, but it still looks fun. Hehehe funny about your freshman yr roommate...did you cop-a-feel? Uneven?? Sounds like a case for Dr.90210!

Weirsdo: Slap, slap, slap! ;)

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

ha ha I didn't really mean all that even I meant they weren't even really all that.

Brittney said...

I like how you took care of weirdo there.

Leigh said...

Alice: Maybe she figures if she bought 'em she should flaunt 'em.

Brittney: It was neccessary.