Sunday, October 02, 2005

Autumn Beauty

Ok, so the swell didn't turn out to be as good as I thought it was going to be. It was a NW swell and it couldn't quite make it into the cove. I did catch a few yesterday and met a very cute surfer girl out in the water, so it was well worth the paddle. This morning, however, it looked like a lake. It was absolutely flat on the westside, but beautiful through out Monterey Bay. Finally some good photo ops!!! I just need a better digital camera, but I happy with what I got today.

Nicole and I went over to the Pleasure Point Area, checked out 38th (flat) and Sharks Cove (flat). There was a grom surf contest and we watched that for awhile and that totally made the trip over well worth my time. Those kids ripped!

I decided to rest today and let my vocal chords recover. I may go night surfing tomorrow, but we will see if the tide turns and the swell pushes.


Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Hope you feel better.
Those are nice pics; what's the water temp there?

Leigh said...

Thanks Alice...the water temp is probably about 58 degrees...definitely, a wetsuit is required, but I haven't had to use my booties yet (I hate my booties with a passion, such a neccessary evil).

weirsdo said...

What is a "grom surf"?

Leigh said...

A "grom" or "grommet" is a kid or teegage surfer.

weirsdo said...

O. k. thanks. I think I had heard "grommet" before.

SailorAshley said...

those girls in the last picture make me want to die because they look as though they are long haired beauties who look great on a surfboard.
j/k, i'm sure they're nice...and pretty