Thursday, September 22, 2005

Night Surfing!

I think I had one of the most fun and memorable surfing sessions this evening. Nicole and I met up at Cowells at about 7pm and got in the water as then the sun was setting. The water was gorgeous, glowing purples and oranges. There were only two other surfers when we got in and a guy and his 4 kids joined us as well. The waves started coming in as the tide was getting low and the dark was setting in. It was just plain fun. The guy and his family went in as did the 2 other surfers, so it was just myself and Nicole with waves to ourselves. Such an awesome experience surfing without sunlight, using your skill and senses to catch waves. I think I surfed way better because I couldn't see behind me, I popped up right away and really felt my way through. I started getting comfortable, but then I heard a sea lion barking and realized once again that I could be prey to a large fish (however unlikely). That was about when Nicole and I decided to go in. I definitely want to do that again

PIC: We see a lot of these guys in California. As cute as they are, sea lions are also a favorite food of great white sharks.
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weirsdo said...

That is really neat. The doing it by feel, and better without inhibitions, and the wildlife. I like the glowing things in the ocean at night.

Leigh said...

Me too...there is a lot of light coming from the wharf and street lamps, and they look so beautiful reflecting on the water.

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt that the ocean at night held very mysterious qualities. Surfing at night only proved those feelings to be, indeed, correct.

weirsdo said...

Actually, I meant phosphorescent stuff. I used to swim off Cape Cod at night when I was playing in a summer stock orchestra.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Sounds like a good time, I have never surfed at night but I have body boarded in Puerto Rico at night and done a lot of night swimming. It is surreal but to surf at night would be something else.

Bay Area Surfer said...

I would be quite interested in hearing more about surfing at night. I was considering surfing at Cowell's at night to avoid the crowds, but didn't really have the courage to go in there yet. There's so much sea lions out there and I always hear about sharks at night. Did you go in from the stairs or from the beach?