Sunday, September 18, 2005

End of the Weekend

Well that was fun! My arms are pretty much useless from all the paddling. I need to start swimming again and get my arms back in shape for this winter surfing season. Today wasn't as big as it was on Friday or yesterday morning, but it was still super fun! It has been awhile since I last surfed in the afternoon and miss that evening glass-off feeling. It was sunny and warm, and it seems EVERYONE was out surfing today. I did get a lot of rides and a few really good rides and Steve witness my cross-step to hangin'five wave! That was a flawless ride! Ahhhhh...if it could always be like this. The swell is fading but we are expecting a new SW Swell to fill in at the end of the week again. I can't wait!

The picture above: No fog, no bedhead, just a soft gentle conclusion to a bangin' weekend.


Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Nice picture.
I remember how sore my arms and abdominal muscles were after boarding in Puerto Rico as I hadn't been in some time prior to that. I was almos paralyzed.

Leigh said...

Its great excercise, but man do you feel it after!

weirsdo said...

Beautiful picture. Makes it look easy.

SailorAshley said...

is it very warm there in the winter?

Leigh said...

weirdo- At Cowells Cove (the locale of the pic) it has the softest, most gentle conditions to learn in. There are times in the winter it can get big though. For the most part its only about 1-3ft in wave height, the rides can go a football field long.

Ashley - for a native Californian, cold is 60-70 degrees. In the winter, the air temp gets can range from 50-62 degrees, and the water temp about the same (52-54 degrees) so you really don't feel much of a difference in or out of the water because the wetsuit. So yes its could, and its for sure nothing like Hawaii or the tropics.