Sunday, August 21, 2005

Recognizing Myself

I finally got out and socialized this weekend. It seems like forever since I had hung out with more than a couple people at a time. Saturday night I went to Alison and Briana's (and their 4 other roommate's) "mustache and Leather Party". The theme was a little more innocent than it sounded - you either wore a 'stache or leather, but how and where you display those items were up to you. Everyone was well behaved and wore the theme'd attire appropriately. I, myself, wore pleather (polyester made to look like leather) chaps - with jeans and boots, black shirt and leopard print scarf around my neck. It was kinda a dark, sexy cowgirl look. I'll ask around for the pics. Alison also sported a tan pleather skirt, and sported a eyeliner 'stache, which I had opt'd out on. I got home late, but managed to get up and go to Nicole's, one of my surfer buds) house warming party. That was a great time! Live music, surfers, we learned how to make vietnamese spring rolls, and we got to play with food! I then went surfing after...small but fun at 38th! I forgot how much energy it takes to be social, but I do hope to engage in more summer activities. The holidays are coming up so happy times are ahead...This was just the kick start!


weirsdo said...

Is that photo you? On what special occasion?
Too bad you wore jeans, or you would have qualified for the Petesville Cultural Festival Fashion Show!

Leigh said...

lol...the pic is of the New Jan Brady (which will be my costume for Halloween). Next time I'll go pantless under the chaps... I can be an honorary guest gymnist.