Thursday, August 04, 2005

Little Wednesday

I did get in a surf session yesterday morning. It was pretty fun and foggy and I got a chance to try out Alison's rejected skeg (shown to the left). Her and I are two very different surfers. Her goal is to carve and do cutbacks and floaters, as to where to I want to cruise, noseride, and do weird quirky tricks. With that said, the skeg proved to suite my goals and I was quite pleased with it. I felt it responded well and locked the board into the wave.

Tomorrow I am going out again and my friend Kelly wants to come! I am so excited! Kelly and I go way back to my days as a student in Paris. She was very much a part of that trip and I am very happy she is still a trusted friend to me after all these years. I am sure she's going to rock tomorrow!

Pictured is one of my favorite surfers, Kassia Meador. When learning to noseride it is so beneficial to watch videos, see where the surfer is on the wave and watch their body language on the board. Here are my favorites to watch:

1. CJ Nelson - Fun to watch cuz he pulls off some innovative maneuvers!
2. Phil Edwards - Oldie but goody - stylish and all around casual and effortless.
3. Kassia Meador - A goofy-footer like myself and THE best woman longboarder ever!
3. Alex Knost - That guy just plants himself on the nose!
4. Wingnut - He just goes for it and just a fun improviser.
5. Melanie Bartels -yeah she's a shortboarder, but she rips!


Anisa said...

very cool! i am terrified of the ocean, though. sharks and jellyfish...yikes!

Shining Comet said...

I like your blog because you talk about how you love surfing and the information you talk about.


Shining Comet said...

I like your blog because you talk about how you love surfing and the information you talk about.


Leigh said...

Anisa - My surf buddy Alison is totally afraid of starfish...of all things! The ocean can be a very scary place and I do think about great whites when I am surfing in Pacifica, and sometimes in Santa Cruz. There are some jellyfish, but they are pretty harmless. Surfing is well worth sharing the ocean with a few creatures.

Comet - Thank you! I do love surfing and I love talking about it. I will get into more subjects as my blog builds and I experience more things to speak of.

weirsdo said...

O. k. Again I am ignorant: What is a skeg?

Kelly said...

Okay, can I tell you what an awesome surf "teacher" Leight is? We went out early this morning, apparently on "dawn patrol," and caught a few calm waves, perfect for learning. I'm definetly hooked. But, once all the surf schools arrived, a bit tough to navigate a clean line without crashing a bit. Very fun!

SeizeTheNite said...

God that makes me miss the ocean.
I'm stuck in the middle of the damn country with no water anywhere...

I'm not good...but I used to surf in Pacifica and Half Moon Bay a few years ago when I lived out there.

Leigh said...

Weirsdo - A skeg is the fin at the bottom of a surfboard.

Kelly - You are a natural! I gave you the tools, but you had the skill! Hats off to you on a great surf sesh! (And I see you are picking up the Bro-bonics as well - good job!)

Seize- Are you near a great lake? They are surfin' the fresh water there. I am a pure Santa Cruz surfer but go to Linda Mar every now and then...I worry too much about sharks when I am further up north.

weirsdo said...

Thanks. I expect to become much better informed by reading you.
Surfing in Lake Erie?? Yech.

Beach Bum said...

I like your blog, and I like your taste in women