Saturday, August 06, 2005


Geez it was flat this morning! I had my digi-cam with me this time to share this tragic day. I went to Cowells (which I knew would be lake-like)and basically just hung out in the water with my local buds, Nicole and Steve. I had a good time with them and its one of the reasons I like going to Cowells. Here's what it looked like:

I then drove over to the Eastside to see what Pleasure Point and 38th was lookin' like and it wasn't that much better. I think the small birds on the rocks were catching more than the surfers in the water (38th):

Tomorrow Alison and I will see whats going on with the surf. I heard its going to be slightly better. Her and I agreed to do the NorCal Women's Surfest Sept.10th at Linda Mar in Pacifica. Time to go practice on crappy shore breaks!


Anisa said...

cool pictures! i've always wanted to live closer to the water!

Leigh said...

Thanks...I keep the cam ready in case of a photo-op. I did miss one yesterday with a bunch of blondes in a convertable... all bottle blondes, it was too funny!

I live about 35 minutes from the ocean and that seems too far!

SailorAshley said...

i hate bottle blondes
i'm all natural

Minkey Girl said...

Ohhhh, u live by the ocean and surf?? Wicked! Minkeys like me windsurf :)

Leigh said...

Sailor - Natural is definately the way to go!

Minkey - I've always wanted to try windsurfing, but I heards it very physically demanding. Surfing is fun because its just you, the board and the waves!