Monday, July 25, 2005

It's No Wonder!

It's about time! I loved Wonder Woman as a kid and even had a lunchbox sporting the feisty Amazonian. A few years back, I was cleaning out my new desk at work and was stoked to find a Wonder Woman Pez dispenser, which I still proudly own today.

The details about the 2007 Movie Release are pretty vague and the casting is still to be decided. That's most likely why the promo poster is so mysterious. I heard the names Sandra Bullock and Mischa Barton (The O.C.) as possibilities. You absolutely need someone who looks like they can seriously kick your ass.

I wonder if anyone considered Eva Mendez for that role. She's incredibly gorgeous and sexy, yet serious and tough. However, we have yet to see her carry a movie as the star. Also, people tend to think of Wonder Woman as the all American, Caucasian, black hair, blue eyed woman. God forbid she be a latina (even though Eva was born in Houston, TX). Perhaps we should reconsider what an American is?


Thister said...

Sweet! I couldn't agree more with you about the casting of Eva Menedez for the role of Wonder Woman. I think she would be incredibly amazing in that role. She could play the rolse very well. She's got the sexy, smart, "I can kick you ass" along witht the strong but graceful beauty that is Wonder Woman. I espeically enjoyed her acting in Hitch. I'm looking forward to seeing this classic come to the big screen. I just hope that they don't screw it up like many other comic-book/cartoon movies have been from book to big screen.

Thister said...

You know who might also be interesting to cast, just as a second thought, would be Courtney Cox. She's got the looks down easily, but I wonder if she has the talent to pull it off? I guess we'll see.

Leigh said...

I never thought of that, but what an interesting idea! She kinda does fit the look!

weirsdo said...

I LUV her outfit!!!!! But she needs more ink and some piercings!!!!